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The Right Audience & Events Difference
The Right Audience & Events Difference
Your customer and prospects have dozens of invitations to attend events each month.
How can you design your program as the "can’t miss" event?
Let the Right Audience team help you develop the proper event strategy, messaging
and value proposition to attract the right audience.

The most difficult part of creating a successful event is mapping event content to the audience’s needs while achieving your goals and objectives.
Event Marketing
We know that long-lasting and profitable business relationships often begin when prospects attend events. Right Audience creates a compelling audience acquisition strategy, one that makes your program a "must attend" for the audience you want to influence. This is at the heart of what we do.

Right Audience knows that traditional event recruiting tactics, geared to filling seats-simply will not deliver highly targeted and potentially profitable event attendees. We know that while you may get the right number of attendees using traditional recruiting techniques, but getting the right audience will increase your ROI.

To ensure you get the right people to attend your events, we fully analyze your market, your key constituencies, your unique competitive advantage as well as your stated goals and objectives. From there, a compelling audience acquisition strategy is developed with careful attention to the most effective communication vehicles and methods as well as crafting a ‘customer first’ value statement. Highlighting the benefits to your customer and creating a sense of urgency and loss if the customer does not choose to attend your event are just some of the messages that are embedded in the Right Audience acquisition strategy.

Our Audience Acquisition Services will:
  • Open a meaningful dialogue between your company and your target audience-even if they do not attend your event
  • Maximize the attendance of the best possible targets/prospects
  • Increase the return on your investment
Audience Acquisition Services can include:
  • Analysis of your company, your market as well as your intended audience and their needs
  • Development of the event strategy, audience acquisition plan and messaging
  • Creation of a unique, searchable campaign database and micro site with event details, audience statistics and other critical information
  • Message testing and segmentation to ensure the right message reaches the right audience
  • Campaign, management, measurement and reporting
  • Post-event ROI analysis
  • Turn-key solutions to meet most business needs
  • A la carte consulting services if desired